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~mopodna~ is a lafayette born, new orleans based musical artist. he currently plays in the bands People Museum and GIVERS, as well as being the producer for Boogie, People Museum, Yáno, and many other artists. Casio, Umbro, and old shirts make up a large portion of his style.


mopodna produces melancholy, groove-driven electronic music, then he collaborates with his favorite local and international singer-songwriters including Claire Givens (People Museum), Signe Krog, Julie Odell (Julie Odell/Mosquito Eater), Tif Lamson (GIVERS), and more.


he shoots and produces video content for himself and other groups (Gibbz, Miss Mojo, Boogie T) on his childhood Hi8 tape camcorder.


his danceable live set is a combination DJ/instrument performance with singing, guitar playing, sample pad, and synths. it also features visuals shot and edited by ~mopodna~ himself on his camcorder.

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"SACRIFICE" ft. tif lamson
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SACRIFICE mopodna tif lamson

mopodna volume 3
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MoPodna Vol. 3.jpg

mopodna volume 2

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Mopodna music

"need this from you (feat. signe krog)"

"replacing me (feat. signe krog)"

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~ "what it was to be me" featuring claire givens ~

"Close your eyes for a second and picture this: You're driving through downtown by yourself at night. Taking in the city lights, feeling inspired and alive. This is what I picture and feel when I listen to this song."

- Indieshuffle

~ mopodna vol. 1 ~

Mopodna Vol 1 Cover.jpg

"I like the whirring, teetering synth that sounds like an angry electric fly; the bass line like a funky caffeinated contrabassoon; the layered, somewhat unsettling vocals of Claire Givens, which really do evoke Purity Ring.

- Noise Dart on "What It Was To Be Me"



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