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MOPODNA is Aaron Boudreaux, a Lafayette, Louisiana born creative dude who mostly expresses himself through music. Currently residing in New Orleans, he has mixed and produced for many local artists, feeling a great deal of gratitude that he has the means to help others realize their creative vision. Right now, he's the drummer for his own group SIGHTSEE (with Dillon Frazier), and also the Alt Pop group People Museum (with Claire Givens and Jeremy Phipps).


Yer boi has also been scoring films since 2009, when he and Nicholas Bateman (Founder of MAERE STUDIOS) produced a short film. Since then, MoPodna has worked on many short films, documentaries, commercials, and even two feature length films (with MAERE and many other film producers). 


Finally, ya podna has a bunch of original music, both released and slated for release this year.

MOPODNA is his self-titled electronic music. Think house tempo, but with more melancholy pop vibes. He has music out on all streaming platforms. SIGHTSEE is his band with whom he creates Sultry Electronic Pop with singer and songwriter DILLON FRAZIER. Their music is available on all streaming platforms. 


Aside from music, feel free to contact yer boi about playing Super Smash Bros or Super Mario Maker.